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Do not share confidential data. Please change some numbers or variable names and share that.
If this helps:
1) Make sure your time variable is a datetime object. 
2) At least in ggplot it should now behave as expected.
ggplot(df, aes(y=NO2, x=datetime)) + geom_point()

That will be a start as a scatterplot, but the graph can be customized or changed if scatterplot was not desired.


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I�ve been retired since �06 and have forgotten most of R.  Now I have a use for it, with some data from Bloomington�s Environmental Commission.

I have a dataframe (obtained from read.csv) that contains numerous columns, including time (in Excel�s 18:00 format), and DNO2, and MNO2 from two air quality instruments.

I�d like a plot of both the NO2 measurements against time.  I be happy to use either ordinary R plots or ggplot2 ones, if that would be a better way.  I�d much appreciate help.

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