[BioC] NIH image processing program

A.J. Rossini rossini@u.washington.edu
11 Jun 2002 16:12:09 -0700

>>>>> "vincent" == Vincent J Carey, <stvjc@channing.harvard.edu> writes:

    vincent> Is anyone doing anything with "NIH image" a MAC-based
    vincent> utility for dealing with tiff images of e.g., gels?
    vincent> I am getting some data from this system which translates
    vincent> darkness to numbers.  Investigators then use the numbers
    vincent> as density estimates.  There is a windows-based tool
    vincent> from Scion with similar functionality.

Is this different from the NIH ImageJ java-based imaging
software/toolkit (http://rsb.info.nih.gov/ij/)?  It looks like it.
I've been meaning for years (2, actually) to integrate this with Orca.
A student here evaluated it for image analysis of ELISPOT (ELISA
spotting) assays.


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