[BioC] R-packages

roland1@sbox.tugraz.at roland1@sbox.tugraz.at
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 11:48:26 +0200 (MEST)


I'm a student at Zlatko Trajanoski's Bioinformatics-Workgroup at the 
University of Technology Graz, Austria.

My master thesis deals with normalisation methods for cDNA-microarrays and
statistical analysis.
The goal is to implement a free Java-library (and additionally a GUI) to do 
these steps of processing.

I've searched through many parts of R-code (marray* - packages) and that's 
exactly what i need (input, plotting, normalize,...).

But how can i translate/convert the R-code into Java-code without proper 
knowledge about the R-language?
Have you got any experience with such problems?

Any further information would help me!

Thanks a lot for reading my mail,

best regards,
Roland Pieler