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You might like to look at:

Borevitz, J.O., Liang, D., Plouffe, D., Chang, H., Zhu, T., Weigel, D.,
Berry, C.C., Winzeler, E., and Chory. J. (2003)
Large Scale Identification of Single Feature Polymorphisms in Complex
Genomes Genome Research 13,513-523

where we use Affy *expression* arrays to detect deletions and 'SFP's -
"single feature polymorphisms"

There is a download page at


that has R scripts that we used.


On Wed, 9 Apr 2003 Phguardiol at aol.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I d like to know if there is a package in BioC that can identify genes that 
> are differentially expressed between 2 conditions and  analyze their 
> distribution along the chromosomes to say if their distribution is random or 
> if it has a non random distribution with some sort of clusters in some part 
> of the chromosomes... for instance, a tool that could help to detect 
> translocations, loss or gain of chromosomes from the microarray data...
> thanks
> Philippe
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