[BioC] distribution of genes differentially expressed

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 9 10:53:30 MEST 2003

> > I d like to know if there is a package in BioC that can identify genes that
> > are differentially expressed between 2 conditions and  analyze their
> > distribution along the chromosomes to say if their distribution is random or
> > if it has a non random distribution with some sort of clusters in some part
> > of the chromosomes... for instance, a tool that could help to detect
> > translocations, loss or gain of chromosomes from the microarray data...
> > thanks
> You can do it, but I think you are talking about at least 2 packages,
> assuming that you are using annotated gene expression arrays, and you
> need to define (and possibly program up) specifically what you mean by
> "differential".  There are at least 10 specific definitions, if not
> hundreds more possible.

there are also various approaches to investigating the
question of 'random' vs 'non-random' distribution along
chromosomes.  R has various tools that could help with
this, provided the question is made more specific, and
bioconductor has some visualization tools that can
help (see the screenshots)

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