[BioC] pm values

Stephen Henderson s.henderson at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Apr 14 16:18:58 MEST 2003

Sorry I have been looking through the vignette on Affy but am still a bit
confused hot to extract the probe level data I need. 

I have an AffyBatch object with ca 43 (U133A) samples. Ihave 5 genes of
interest that I wish to examine the probes. 


> genes
[1] "blahbla_s_at" "blahbla_s_at" "blahbla_s_at" "blahbla_s_at" 
[5] "blahbla_s_at"

I then try 
>place<- pmindex(bigbatch, genes)

or even 
>place<- pmindex(bigbatch, genes, xy=TRUE)

This gives me a list of 5 sets of vectors, or 5 sets of coordinates.

Now when I try 

or all sorts of variants e.g.


I don't get the probes I am looking for at all "blahbla_s_at1 "blahbla_s_at2
etc. What do I need to be doing?



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