[BioC] beginner question

Matthew J Arno matthew.arno at kcl.ac.uk
Thu Apr 17 13:58:25 MEST 2003


This is probably a very trivial question coming from a complete 
beginner. I would like to use Bioconductor to normalise and analyse 
affymetrix chip data. However, looking at the website, I can't even 
work out how to install it! Can you let me know what I need to do to 
install and use Bioconductor? I recently attended a workshop held at 
the EBI in Cambridge, UK, where Sandrine Dudoit gave a great 
introductory talk on Bioconductor, however, she didn't have time to 
show us the Affy-specific part of the presentation.  Is there any way I 
can at least see the slides from that part of the talk, or attend a 
training course somewhere (or should I give uo now!!)? I feel a bit 
lost and lagging behind in the technology, here...

I'm a biologist with no special computer training, running a windows 
PC, and I know nothing of R or Unix or anything like that. I'm used to 
GeneSpring type packages that make things simple (but are expensive). 

Thanks very much for your time and help.

Matthew Arno, Ph.D.
Leukaemia Sciences
Rayne Institute
King's College London
123 Coldharbour Lane

email: matthew.arno at kcl.ac.uk
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