[BioC] Bioconductor affy package

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 28 15:46:48 MEST 2003

> I am trying to use your Bioconductor affy package.  I am following the
> Howto load Affymetrix data.  I have entered in the following:

Via what mechanism did you acquire the affy package?

> 1: There is no package called 'Biobase' in: library(package,

> Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?  Thank you in advance.  

As per the affy DESCRIPTION file, affy depends on package Biobase.
There are various methods of acquiring the Biobase package:
- If you have R-1.7.0 for Windows you can select the "Install Packages
from Bioconductor" option under "Packages" pulldown.
- You can download directly from our website:


Depending on if you want the release1.1 or devel versions, respectively.

- You can use getBioC() (and if you had already used getBioC, I'm not sure
why you don't have Biobase):


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