[BioC] Re: Warnings with Affy R 1.7.0 (Continued)

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 28 15:56:10 MEST 2003

> 1. Do you have a guess-timate date for the next release?

Roughly a month would be my guess.  Plus or minus a year or two ;)

> 2. Can I mix-and-match production/development modules, or will I need to 
> download pretty much the whole development release to take advantage of changes 
> in the affy package?

Packages that are required by affy you should have the appropriate
versions for.  Eyeballing it, this would mean to me that BIobase &
tkWidgets need to be devel versions - but that might not be 100%
true.  Look at the "Depends" field in the DESCRIPTION file (or, look at
the 'affy' link in both the 'release 1.1 packages' and 'developmental
packages' link on our website).


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