[BioC] Bioinformatics Training

Ellis D. Cooper, Ph.D. xtalv1 at netropolis.net
Tue Apr 29 18:51:57 MEST 2003

Hello, my name is Ellis. My career has been in computer engineering, as in 
embedded microprocessor systems and data acquisition (semiconductor 
manufacturing equipment; gas chromatography instruments). I have a degree 
in abstract mathematics, and some experience with probability theory on 
Wall Street. Bioinformatics is a very attractive field, but I need 
training. For example, I would work for free for a while in exchange for 
on-the-job experience. Or, I would take an intensive training course if one 
were available around the Boston area. Would you please advise me? I  sure 
would appreciate some pointers. Thanks for your help.

Ellis D. Cooper

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