[BioC] Using read.maimages() with Imagene output files.

Gordon Smyth smyth at wehi.edu.au
Thu Aug 14 11:24:30 MEST 2003

Dear Luke,

At 01:31 AM 14/08/2003, Luke Whitaker wrote:
>I am attempting to analyse some microarray data that has been
>scanned using a program called Imagene and I would like to try and
>use limma for the analysis. I was wondering if it might be possible
>to use read.maimages() to read these data into R.
>It appears to me that read.maimages() expects both the red and green
>signals to be present in a single file. Imagene produces separate files for
>the red and green signals. Does anyone out there have any suggestions how
>to proceed ?

What you say is correct - read.maimages does not support Imagene files, nor 
does any other function in Bioconductor.

If you would be prepared to make available to me some examples of imagene 
data files, then I will add imagene functionality to read.maimages.


>Thanks in advance,
>Luke Whitaker

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