[BioC] Newbie!

Marcus marcusb at biotech.kth.se
Thu Aug 14 19:32:30 MEST 2003

When I'm trying to read in the data from a gpr- file, I use the command 
widget.marrayRaw("the_name_of_the_file") and I get the widget window. I 
fill in the column names for the different catagories (F532, B532, F635, 
B635) and I try to build, but I get the error message "Error in 
readLines(con, n, ok) : `con' is not a connection"

Is there anything fundamental that I'm missing? Do I have to make a Layout 

If I try to read the data with read.GenePix("name_of_file") -> objectname, 
I don't get an errormessage but when I look at the information about the 
data it doesn't contain number of spots or any rows and columns. Do I have 
to import the Layout at first or ...?

/Desperate and newbie!


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