[BioC] Simple questions about p values adjustment in limma/multt est

Ramon Diaz-Uriarte rdiaz at cnio.es
Fri Aug 22 11:14:57 MEST 2003

Dear Fai,

> Is the FDR assumed to be a certain percent (e.g. 5%) in the FDR adjustment
> for p values? 

No, it is not. When you use multtest you get "adjusted p-values", and thus is 
up to you to choose the cutting point. The meaning of the "adjusted p-value" 
is very well explained in the documentation for multtest (look at  

> p-values the same as/similar to q-values in SAM procedure?

They are related, but are not the same. You can look, for example, at the 
recent paper by Storey and Tibshirani (PNAS, 2003, 100(16): 9440-9445) for 
explanation of q-values and relation to FDR.



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