[BioC] ArrayVision and limma

Isaac Mehl imehl at ucsd.edu
Tue Aug 26 03:26:42 MEST 2003

I just received some wonderful help from Jean on reading ArrayVision
output files into marrayInput. Now i would like to try and analyze with
limma.  if i understand correctly there is no way to do this unless
source = "ArrayVision" which doesn't exist.  Read:
which leads me to believe that the only way to accomplish this is for
Gordon to write a separate function.  Is this the only way to read in
data?  Won't this be a pain with many, many different software packages
making spot calls??  Isn't it possible to simply specify which column
contains the needed information (RF, Gf, Rb, etc) in a matrix??

I am attaching an example of a .csv output from ArrayVision if anyone
would like a crack at it.
-isaac mehl
gene expression lab (gele)
salk institute
10010 n. torrey pines rd.
la jolla ca. 92037
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