[BioC] New Affy SpikeIn Data Set & Affy

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Wed Aug 27 11:47:12 MEST 2003

You will have to use the makecdfenv package to make a cdf environment
that affy can use. See the help for makecdfenv.


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>>> "laurent  buffat" <laurent.buffat at it-omics.com> 08/27/03 10:32AM

Dear all,

Affymetrix provied a new SpikeIn data Sets

But, this data sets requires a special, alternate chip description
because there is eight artificial clones

And when I try to load/bg correct and normalise the data in R, I have
error at the bg.correct step :

> exp <- ReadAffy(filenames=list.cel,phenoData=phenodata,verbose=T)
Ok, no problem

> exp <- bg.correct(exp, method = "rma",verbose=T)

Sample :  1Error in .local(object, ...) : Information about probe
for unknown  could not be found.
Try downloading the unknowncdf package from

The correct CDF is available at affymetrix.
I have try to put this CDF in the data directory (as it was necessary
in the
first version of affy), but it doesn' work.

How I can read this data with affy ?

Thanks for your help.

L. Buffat

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