[BioC] gcrma vs. rma - my mistake!

Stan Smiley swsmiley at genetics.utah.edu
Fri Dec 12 20:23:20 MET 2003

Well, I'm glad to say the qqplot of the rma vs gcrma is *not* straight
after the analysis redo. Thank goodness!

Thanks to all who provided me such quick and informative responses! I've
got a lot to read up on now... :)

Stan Smiley

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> Hi, Stan,
> > 
> > Is there another resource for learning what the gcrma 
> package is all 
> > about? Like the theory/rationale behind it and why/how it is better 
> > than rma?
> here's the paper about the theory behind gcrma 

I am also surprised that you got the same expression values as the rma did.
If you send, for example, one array of your data, I may be able to test it.


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