[BioC] lcex option not working?

Obi Griffith obig at bcgsc.ca
Thu Dec 18 23:46:24 MET 2003

Hi there,

I'm using the hexbin function to make some really snazzy density plots 
for extremely large datasets.  I'm having some trouble getting the 
legend to look right.  The lcex specified in the documentation for 
altering the legend text size does not seem to have any effect.  No 
matter what lcex value I supply, the output looks the same.  The normal 
cex values work fine.  Is this a bug or am I missing something?  The 
following program produces a beautiful plot with a very difficult to 
read legend.

data1 <- scan("data.txt",list(x=0,y=1))
x0 <- data1$x
x1 <- data1$y
hbin <- hexbin(x, y, xbins=100)
plot.hexbin(hbin, xlab="stuff",ylab="other stuff", xlim=range(-1,1), 
      main="stuff vs other stuff", style = "nested.centroids",
      legend = 1, *lcex = 2.5*, cex.main = 2.5, cex.lab=2.5, 
cex.sub=2.5, cex.axis=2.5,
      minarea = 0.05, maxarea = 0.8, trans = NULL, inv = NULL,
      border = FALSE, density = -1,
      colramp = function(n){ LinGray(n,beg = 90,end = 15) },
      verbose = getOption("verbose"))


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