[BioC] lcex option not working?

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Fri Dec 19 21:38:36 MET 2003

>>>>> "Obi" == Obi Griffith <obig at bcgsc.ca>
>>>>>     on Thu, 18 Dec 2003 14:46:24 -0800 writes:

    Obi> Hi there, I'm using the hexbin function to make some
    Obi> really snazzy density plots for extremely large
    Obi> datasets.  I'm having some trouble getting the legend
    Obi> to look right.  The lcex specified in the documentation
    Obi> for altering the legend text size does not seem to have
    Obi> any effect.  No matter what lcex value I supply, the
    Obi> output looks the same.  The normal cex values work
    Obi> fine.  Is this a bug or am I missing something?  The
    Obi> following program produces a beautiful plot with a very
    Obi> difficult to read legend.

We cannot reproduce your code, since we don't have your data.
The following however is reproducible and shows that you are right:

xy <- MASS::mvrnorm(100000, mu = 1:2, Sigma = cbind(c(10,1),c(1,4)))

hbin <- hexbin(xy[,1], xy[,2], xbins=100)

plot(hbin)# nice using gray scale
plot(hbin, style = "nested.centroids")# legend not so nice

## try to improve legend; but it doesn't
plot(hbin, main="x vs y", style = "nested.centroids",
     legend = 1, lcex = 2.5, ## <<<<
     cex.main = 2.5, cex.lab=2.5, cex.sub=2.5, cex.axis=2.5)


You are correct.  It's the  hex.legend() function that 'lcex'
(and more) is passed to, and unfortunately, that needs quite a
bit of adaption before it could obey 'lcex' in the case of 
style = "nested.lattice"  or "nested.centroids"  --- because the
hexagon symbols and the white space would also have to be enlarged.

I've just committed slightly improved code to hexbin's
development version;  anyone interested in sitting down and
improve the code, please drop us (Nicco & me) a line!

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