[BioC] mailman bugs

Byron Ellis bellis@hsph.harvard.edu
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 22:23:02 -0500

I haven't had any trouble going through the archives, but Chimera (on  
OS X obviously) definitely complains about the certificate.

On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 10:13  PM, Vincent Carey 525-2265 

>> mailman site works correctly. Using IE under Windows 2000, I have not 
>> be
>> able to successfully register the stat.math.ethz.ch site as a trusted 
>> site
>> either using the wizard or manually. I have tried a number of 
>> different
>> site combinations when attempting manual registration.
> I just used the Wizard under IE 6.0 (win 2000 NT) and confirm
> part of what you have said -- each time I go for the web interface
> from a new IE session, the certificate is challenged.  Perhaps
> Martin needs to get a different certificate.  But I did not have
> any problem using the interface to look at the archives, or to
> view the subscriber list, change options, etc., under this
> version of IE.  It could be that I am grandfathered in.  Others
> will have to try to trigger the Bug Mailman error.
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