[BioC] mailman bugs

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc@channing.harvard.edu
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 22:13:07 -0500 (EST)

> mailman site works correctly. Using IE under Windows 2000, I have not be
> able to successfully register the stat.math.ethz.ch site as a trusted site
> either using the wizard or manually. I have tried a number of different
> site combinations when attempting manual registration.

I just used the Wizard under IE 6.0 (win 2000 NT) and confirm
part of what you have said -- each time I go for the web interface
from a new IE session, the certificate is challenged.  Perhaps
Martin needs to get a different certificate.  But I did not have
any problem using the interface to look at the archives, or to
view the subscriber list, change options, etc., under this
version of IE.  It could be that I am grandfathered in.  Others
will have to try to trigger the Bug Mailman error.