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Nanotech and biotech Convergence-2003
The Second Annual BCC Conference
May 4-6, 2003; Holiday Inn Select, Stamford, CT, USA

exhibiting and sponsership opportunites available
(For Schedule of Invited Speakers, see below)

Bioassays which incorporate nanotechnology dramatically increase sensitivit=
while reducing assay volumes and reagent use.  In the long run, they will=
also be much cheaper and more automated.  At risk are conventional=20
microarray, ELISA, PCR based assays. Nanotechnology is also showing up in=
drug delivery systems and medical imaging modalities.

Call for Posters=20=20
Please Send Abstracts to:
Steven A. Edwards
Program Chairman=20

Pre-Conference Workshop
Trends in Nanoscale Diagnostic Technologies
Michael Pishko, Penn State, and Juan Yguerabide, Genicon Sciences

Nanotech and Biotech Convergence-2003
Revised Schedule

Enabling Technologies

Bio-nanotechnology at IBM Research
Glenn A. Held
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, New York

Glen A. Evans, TBA (Rapid DNA Synthesis)
Chief Executive Officer=20
Egea Biosciences, Inc.=20
San Diego, California

High throughput operations at the nanoscale through the use of miniature=20
instrumented robots
Sylvain Martel=20=20
Director, NanoRobotics Laboratory, =C9cole Polytechnique de Montr=E9al (EPM=
Campus of University of Montr=E9al, Montr=E9al, Canada, and researcher at=
Bioinstrumentation Lab, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Virgil Percec TBA (polymers)
Professor, Dept. of Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Biosensing Applications of Nanoshells
Naomi Halas
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and
Professor of Chemistry,=20
Rice University, Houston, TX

NanoParticle Based Bioassays

Bioconjugated nanoparticles for bioanalysis and biotechnology applications
Weihong Tan
Department of Chemistry
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Bioassays with Striped Metallic Nanoparticles=20
Michael J. Natan,
Chief Executive Officer
Nanoplex Technologies, Inc.,=20
Mountain View, CA

Resonance Light Scattering Nanoparticles as Labels for Ultrasensitive Analy=
Juan Yguerabide=20=20=20
Professor Emeritus, UCSD
Vice President of Discovery
Genicon Sciences

Acoustic sensing of molecular interactions
Matthew Cooper
Chief Scientific Officer,
Akubio Ltd.
Cambridge, England, UK

Cantilevers and Nanotubes

Dip Pen Nanolithography
Guy della Cioppa,=20
Executive Vice President
NanoInk, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Biological NanoArrays
Eric Henderson=20=20=20
Founder and Chief Science Officer
BioForce Nanosciences
Ames, Iowa

Otto Zhou TBA (nanotube X-ray device)
Associate Professor of Physics and Applied Materials Sciences
University of North Carolina
Chairman, Applied Nanotechnologies
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Sebastian A. Kossek TBA (cantilever assays)
Vice President, Research
Rockville, Maryland

Electrochemistry and Microfluidics

Cell-based bioassays in microfluidic systems
Michael Pishko
Dept. of Chemical Engineering,
Penn State
University Park, Pennsylvania

Applications of Microtransponders in High Speed, Multiplexed Biological=20
Wlodek Mandecki=20
Pharmaseq, Inc.
Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

Nanoliter and Picoliter Liquid Handling for Life Science Applications
Richard Ellson
Chief Technology Officer,
Picoliter, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA

Controlled Wetting in Microfluidics:
=46rom Microarrays to Droplet-Based Digital LabChips
Karsten Reihs=20
Marnaging Director, Science and Technology
SuNyx Surface Technologies GmbH
Cologne, Germany

Detection of Biological Warfare Agents
Kalle Levon
Director, Polymer Research Institute
Polytechnic University
Brooklyn, New York

Bionanotechnology in molecular analysis
Vincent Gau
President and CEO
Monterey Park, California

Funding and Commercialization Issues

DARPA Funding of Nanobiotechnology Projects
Anantha Krishnan
Program Manager, Defense Sciences Office
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Arlington, Virginia=20=20
Do More with Less: Creative Intellectual Property Strategies to Maximize=20
Profits and Revenues While Minimizing Expenditures on Your Portfolio
David A. Kalow
Managing Partner
Kalow and Springut
New York, New York

Patents and Protecting Your Invention Rights
Lisa M. Caldwell=20=20
Patent Attorney
Klarquist Sparkman, LLP
Portland, Oregon

Biomedical Applications of Nanoscale Devices-Commercial Opportunities
Steven Edwards
BCC, Inc.
Christiana, Tennessee

To RegisterOnline:=20
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Questions, contact: Sharon Faust: Conference Coordinator.
> 203-853-4266; ext: 304; 203-853-0348, Email: conference@bccresearch.com

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