[BioC] Transcription factors and gene networks

Jeff Sorenson jsorenson@bellsouth.net
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 19:30:02 -0600

Is anyone aware of a public resource (other than pubmed) for cataloging the
influence of genes on one another?

Ideally, a it would be a list of coefficients for the dependence of gene
transcription on the products of other genes and factors, such as

I'm fairly certain that we don't yet have this level of knowledge, but I
would settle for a database such as:  gene(23141)<-[(-)gene(34212),
(-)gene(58943),(-)gene(53452), (+)gene(32421)*IntracelluarCalcium] where the
positive and negative influences (transcription factors) on a gene's
transcription are listed along with the cell types for which these
conditions hold.  I realize this is an active area of research, but I'm
still not aware of the formalism that people are adopting, if any, so that
this type of information can be analyzed and exchanged.

Jeff Sorenson, M.D.