[BioC] Affymetrix CDF Packages

Thomas Girke tgirke@citrus.ucr.edu
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 08:59:31 -0800

Dear colleague,

I have a question regarding the Affymetrix CDF Packages for BioConductor. 
We have installed BioConductor using the getBioC.R script on a Linux server 
and it seems to work fine. Regarding the Affymetrix CDF Packages we are a 
little bit lost where to place these files/directories after unpacking 
(gunzip & tar). After the command "R> eset <- rma(Data)" the software looks 
for a *cdf.rda file in /usr/lib/R/library/affy/data. When I take a *cdf.rda 
file from an unpacked Affymetrix CDF Package and place it in this requested 
directory then the software seems to generate data without error messages. 
However, since this is only one file of the CDF package, where are the 
remaining files and directories of an CDF package supposed to go?

Thanks for your help,


Thomas Girke
Center for Plant Cell Biology (CEPCEB)
Department of Botany and Plant Sciences
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

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