[BioC] mixing hg_u95a and hg_u95av2 chips

Wolfgang Huber whuber at jimmy.harvard.edu
Fri Mar 7 23:55:11 MET 2003

Hi Hinnerk, 

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Hinnerk Boriss wrote:
> besides the 15 or so different probe set on the hgu95a and hgu95av2
> chips, the chips are basically the same. What is the best pratice to mix
> them in one AffyBatch?

Not sure what is best practice. One way is by matching the probe sequences
and creating a suitable new CDF with only the common probes. This should
now have become fairly easy with the "matchprobes" package. It should
appear in the "Developmental Packages"  section (and yes, it is

In its subdirectory inst/example there is a file combine_demo.R which
seems to do what you want. You can also look at the code via the developer

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Wolfgang Huber
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