[BioC] Affy RNA digestion plots (fwd)

Hinnerk Boriss boriss at izbi.uni-leipzig.de
Tue Mar 11 13:48:28 MET 2003


What does the p-value of the RNA degradation test actually say and where
do things begin to become critical?
For instance, I have data here where the p-values are rather low
(hgu133A chips) and in fact the slopes are positive! 
What is the appropriate interpretation? No RNA degradation? Something

> summaryAffyRNAdeg(deg)

          X1        X2        K1        K2        L1        L2
slope    1.44      1.57      1.28      1.24      2.15      1.51
pvalue 5.91e-08  2.74e-08  7.11e-07  6.65e-07  8.93e-09  2.88e-08


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