[BioC] less memory usage

Rafael A. Irizarry ririzarr at jhsph.edu
Mon Mar 10 11:49:53 MET 2003


For those having memory problems with the affy package:

James MacDonald has contributed the function justRMA that computes a 
pm-only rma without creating an AffyBatch. It reads in cel files and 
returns exprSets. It wil be available in the 
next release. However, if you need it now, 
it is in the development version. if the devel version 
gives you trouble, as a last resort, use the rma package that adds it to 
whatever version you have now:


Note1: the "official" code for RMA is still in the affy rma funciton but 
if this can't handle your large data-set try justRMA.  

Note2: you dont need to use ReadAffy. a typical call may be

eset <- justRMA(widget=TRUE) ##or if you dont choose cel files: justRMA()

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