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Byron Ellis bellis at hsph.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 12 14:22:26 MET 2003

I'm not certain of the details for VirtualPC (IIRC you can just drag 
the .CEL files from your VirtualPC server to your OS X boxen) but there 
are no general problems using .CEL files on your OS X box (I use 
Bioconductor on my iBook for instance). The format is presently ASCII 
based (similar to a Windows .INI file) so there are no portability 

On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, at 01:07  PM, Paul Shilling wrote:

> I am using a MAC G4 OS10 with virtual PC for windows 2000.
> I would like to use Bioconductor in the MAC environment to analyze my 
> CEL files from MAS5.0   MAS5 does not work on a MAC. I run MAS5 in 
> virtual PC (Windows 2000 on the same computer)
> Is it possible to access my CEL files in Windows 2000 from  R1.62 
> (Bioconductor) in MASOS10 ???  MAS5 and R1.62 are on the same 
> computer.  MAS5 is in a Virtual PC environment(Windows200) and 
> R(Bioconductor) is running in OS10.   Can the CEL files be transfered 
> to the MACOS10 desktop and still be recognized by R on the MAC?
> Thanks,
> Paul Shilling
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