[BioC] Question

Paul Shilling pshilling at ucsd.edu
Wed Mar 12 10:07:03 MET 2003

I am using a MAC G4 OS10 with virtual PC for windows 2000.

I would like to use Bioconductor in the MAC environment to analyze my 
CEL files from MAS5.0   MAS5 does not work on a MAC. I run MAS5 in 
virtual PC (Windows 2000 on the same computer)

Is it possible to access my CEL files in Windows 2000 from  R1.62 
(Bioconductor) in MASOS10 ???  MAS5 and R1.62 are on the same computer.  
MAS5 is in a Virtual PC environment(Windows200) and R(Bioconductor) is 
running in OS10.   Can the CEL files be transfered to the MACOS10 
desktop and still be recognized by R on the MAC?

Paul Shilling

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