[BioC] Questions on getting information from affy's CEL, CDF

Wolfgang Huber whuber at jimmy.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 12 17:48:53 MET 2003

Hi Hui,

> Since the cdf I was using doesnot belong to any of the standard ones, could
> that be the problem? If yes, how do I attach my own cdf? 

The easiest way is to convert the CDF file into what amounts to a large
hash table. Use the package "makecdfenv", and in there, the function
make.cdf.package, for this (from the Bioconductor website, and for nicer 
features, under the section "Developmental Packages"). 

Then install the package "testcdf", and try to run read.affybatch again.

Best regards

Wolfgang Huber
Division of Molecular Genome Analysis
German Cancer Research Center
Heidelberg, Germany

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