[BioC] contributing to Bioconductor

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Thu Mar 13 11:57:46 MET 2003

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Wilkinson, Mark wrote:
> mentioned then that I had been cooking something up.  I feel like it's ready
> to give to the community to use, test, break, etc.  Which leads me to my


> question: How does one go about contributing a function like this, whose
> singular purpose doesn't warrant a package of its own?  Some packages of
> Bioconductor seem like they might accommodate it now or in the future, such
> as geneplotter, genecluster (dev).  Should I email the maintainers of those
> packages and try to convince them to wedge in my little function?  Any
> advice?

I would say that it is probably up to you on how to proceed.  One way is
to do exactly what you said, contact the maintainer(s) of the package that
you feel is appropriate for the function to live in - and then they can
take it from there.

The other way I'd suggest going about it is to just post here about your
function (perhaps even posting the code), and a discussion can be raised
about it.  This has the affect of also allowing the general Bioconductor
public to play with the functionality at that stage as well.


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