[BioC] problems with package annotate

Stefano Barbi stefanobarbi at libero.it
Fri Mar 14 10:29:50 MET 2003

I found the answers by myself, but I think that may be useful to post them.
The problem described below arises when you save an object with a name 
that is used as a class name in a library. Actually, when you quit R in 
such a situation you are advised that some package may not be opened.

Stefano Barbi wrote:

> Hi,
> I faced problems in loading package "annotate" after opening a 
> previuosly saved R session in which i made use of that package.
> > library(annotate)
> Error in mlistMetaName(f) : No way to associate a generic function 
> with an object of class "NULL"
> Error in library(annotate) : .First.lib failed
> This happened using the stable release (included in BioConductor 1.1). 
> Then i installed the developmental release for all the packages, 
> deleted all the objects saved in the session and created new objects, 
> but the problem appeared again once i opened the session and loaded 
> library "annotate".
> Can anyone give me any help to fix this problem?

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