[BioC] problems with package annotate

Stefano Barbi stefanobarbi at libero.it
Thu Mar 13 12:43:01 MET 2003


I faced problems in loading  package "annotate" after opening a 
previuosly saved R session in which i made use of that package.

 > library(annotate)
Error in mlistMetaName(f) : No way to associate a generic function with 
an object of class "NULL"
Error in library(annotate) : .First.lib failed

This happened using the stable release (included in BioConductor 1.1). 
Then i installed the developmental release for all the packages, deleted 
all the objects saved in the session and created new objects, but the 
problem appeared again once i opened the session and loaded library 
Can anyone give me any help to fix this problem?

Another question is about the function "read.affybatch" in package 
"affy" 1.2.2. It seems not to actually load any data from .cel files 
into result object.  Looking through the source file  it seems to miss 
instruction to do that. So, i added two lines from an old version of 
"read.affybatch", it worked and that's the "diff":

 >   intensity(conty)[,1]<-as.vector(intensity(cel))
 >     intensity(conty)[,i]<-as.vector(intensity(cel))

I haven't seen any mail citing this problem so i wonder if that's right.
I'm using R 1.6.2, Linux redhat 8.2, i686 architecture.

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