[BioC] Recent changes to Bioconductor packages

madman at jimmy.harvard.edu madman at jimmy.harvard.edu
Sat Mar 29 05:00:02 MET 2003

This is an automated message sent out weekly to report recent changes
to Bioconductor packages.  Please see the URL 
http://www.bioconductor.org/changelog.html for a complete history.
March 28, 2003: Biobase - started removing and revising code to get ready 
   for the next release

March 28, 2003: getBioC - The parameter 'force', which was a version number
   force for binary packages has been moved to 'versForce', to more align
   with the reposTools parameters.  Likewise, 'force' now corresponds to
   forcing a package to be installed even if all of its dependencies are not
   available.  JG

March 28, 2003: reposTools - An error in backpatching some changes caused a bug 
   in the release branch which would throw an error when the R version did not 
   match the R version the package was built under. (release1.1 only) JG

March 27, 2003: annotate - Added a new function 'installDataPackage'
   which wraps the reposTools function install.packages2, to simply
   retrieve and install a requested Bioconductor data package.  Also,
   the function pmAbst2html is now pmAbst2HTML.  JG

March 26, 2003: getBioC - added a 'method' parameter which works with the
   reposTools functions. JG

March 25, 2003: reposTools - Added parameter 'method' to *.packages2 functions
   which is then passed on to the download.file calls used internally.  This
   allows users to specify the 'wget' download method for files, useful
   if behind a proxy. (devel & release1.1)  JG

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