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Robert Gentleman rgentlem at jimmy.harvard.edu
Sun Nov 2 22:13:06 MET 2003

as being on the - strand - and I think that is documented,  did you
look at the documentation?
I have:
  whether a given probe id can be mapped to a single or multiple
     chromosomal locations. + and - signs are used to indicate the the
     strand of the chromosome. The names give the chromosome number of
     concern. NA is assigned to probe identifiers that can not be
     mapped to any chromosomal location data at this time. Mappings
     obtained using data from LocusLink

On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 11:14:12PM +0100, Johannes Hüsing wrote:
> Hi all,
> if I understand correctly, the locations as in the affychipidCHRLOC
> environments are given as chromosome number and base pair. How do I
> interpret negative values in the slot?
> Greetings
> Johannes
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