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Mark Reimers Mark.Reimers at biosci.ki.se
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Hi Marcus,

You can calculate your own distances, using for example sum(
abs(data[,i]-data[,j], na.rm=T) to compute the 'Manhattan' distance
between samples i & j. If you put these into a symmetric matrix X, the R
function as.dist(X) will transform these into a distance object you can
use with hclust().



>Hmm, your answer left me thinking about how to measure distances. Why
>doesnt a distace function just calculate the distance between the values
>that are there and leave out the NA:s? I have filtered away with the
>B-test the spots that are supposedly not to be differentially expressed
>and have only a subset of the total number of spots. Three slides of my 18
>have many NA:s. Should I exclude them therefor because the distance is to
>/ Marcus
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