[BioC] index between genes and pathways

Shih-Te Yang g38903040 at ym.edu.tw
Wed Nov 19 14:30:21 MET 2003

Dear all:

As you have known, "AnnBuilder" provide the well-annotation of GO and KEGG.
I would like to know the index between genes and pathways in Yeast. Namely,
I want to know whether the gene is belong to which pathway or not? However,
I cannot find the functions in "AnnBuilder" package might link the genes to
pathways. Can any body give me some suggestions?

Thank you for the help.

Shih-Te Yang, Ph.D. student
Bioinformatics Research Center
Institute of Biochemistry
School of Life Science
National Yang-Ming University
E-mail:g38903040 at ym.edu.tw
MyWeb: http://binfo.ym.edu.tw/styang/

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