[BioC] index between genes and pathways

Robert Gentleman rgentlem at jimmy.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 19 14:46:53 MET 2003

The functions are not in AnnBuilder, AnnBuilder's role in life is to
construct annotation, not to use it. 

Most of the functions that use annotation (meta-data) packages are in
the annotate package.

 So with BioC installed, something like

 should get you most of the way there. There is no reason to use
 AnnBuilder unless you want to build your own, custom annotation data
 sets and if you do, then use AnnBuilder to construct them and proceed
 as above.


On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 09:30:21PM +0800, Shih-Te Yang wrote:
> Dear all:
> As you have known, "AnnBuilder" provide the well-annotation of GO and KEGG.
> I would like to know the index between genes and pathways in Yeast. Namely,
> I want to know whether the gene is belong to which pathway or not? However,
> I cannot find the functions in "AnnBuilder" package might link the genes to
> pathways. Can any body give me some suggestions?
> Thank you for the help.
> Shih-Te
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