[BioC] From Unigene IDs to PubMed abstracts

John Zhang jzhang at jimmy.harvard.edu
Thu Nov 20 17:11:23 MET 2003

>Hello All, Could anybody be able to assist me in trying to use R to 
>retrieve PubMed abstracts for a list of Unigene IDs?

Have a look at the "pubmed" function in package "annotate". To map UG ids to LL 
ids that are required by "pubmed", use the package "XXXXLLMappings", where XXXX 
is the name of an organism (e. g. humanLLMappings).

>I thank you in advance for your kind assistance.
>Lawrence-Paul Petalidis
>Department of Pathology
>Division of Molecular Histopathology
>University of Cambridge
>Visiting Researcher
>Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre
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Jianhua Zhang
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