[BioC] Estrogen Data

Bernd Holleczek bernd.holleczek at gmx.de
Sun Nov 30 21:50:07 MET 2003

Dear experts, 

I am a beginner in working with R/Bioconductor. At the moment I try to get
familiar with microarray analysis.

When loading the Estrogen-Data into an AffyBatch, the number of probes of an
array is 640*640=409600.
If I calculate the overall amount of pm and mm-values for all probesets of
an array, I get as result  2*201800=403600.

What is an explanation for this difference or what are the other probes
necessary for?

I'll appreciate suggestions on this question.


Bernd Holleczek

Bernd Holleczek <bernd.holleczek at gmx.de>

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