[BioC] myself and ID-arrays

Kurt Sys Kurt.Sys at UGent.be
Wed Sep 3 08:14:36 MEST 2003

Hi all,

I'm new to this list, so let me introduce myself very shortly. I'm working at 
the Laboratory of Microbial Ecology and Technology and Ghent University. We're 
recently involved in some projects concerning microarrays. I'm mainly busy with 
'quantification and management of microbial systems', and in this sense, I have 
interest in phylogenetic ID-arrays, to that's the main reason why I added myself 
to this list... I have 2 questions:
1/ Are there other people busy with phylogenetic ID-arrays (on e.g. 
environmental samples), processing of data etc.?
2/ At this moment, I'm trying out Xeotron arrays (CME - Michigan State 
University) for identification. I'm writing some packages for the data 
processing etc (which will be available I hope in an month); since Xeotron 
arrays are rather specific and phylogenetic ID-arrays require other processing, 
'normal' methods (which we use for genomic arrays) fail. 
Anyway, I like the idea to standardize the way of data storage and handling. So, 
are there already any 'rules' or 'guidelines' about such standardization for 
data storage etc.? I just want 'my package' be compatible with other stuff in 

Kurt Sys.

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