[BioC] limma question

Straubhaar, Juerg Juerg.Straubhaar at umassmed.edu
Fri Sep 12 11:23:16 MEST 2003

I'm reading smd file into limma and would like to give weight of zero to
spots with FLAG != 0 (-50 in my file). I type the following:


*       RG<-read.maimages("/home/jstraubh/mello/data/cex211.xls",
source="smd", wt.fun=wtflags(0), fill=T)


After entering this generates an error:


Error in "[<-"(*tmp*, , i, value = numeric(0)) :

        nothing to replace with


Thank you for your help.


Juerg Straubhaar,

University of Massachusetts Medical School

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