[BioC] Analysis system requirement

Gordon Smyth smyth at wehi.edu.au
Tue Sep 16 10:29:02 MEST 2003

I find a Wintel notebook with 1GHz processor, 2Gb physical memory is fine 
for almost anything but, really, if you plan to do large scale microarray 
analysis you should simply buy the biggest and fastest you can. This is not 
restricted to Wintel machines!


At 12:53 AM 16/09/2003, Sek Won Kong, M.D wrote:
>I just wonder what kind of system ( cpu type, speed and amount of physical 
>memory )  do you use for data analysis. Because I think most of Wintel 
>users are suffered from memory handling problem and computing time. Ben 
>Bolstad kindly offered computing time by cpu speed, memory, array type and 
>number of arrays in his AffyExtensions vignettes. This kind of information 
>would be helpful for people who just about to setup analysis system for 

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