[BioC] limma question

ivan.borozan at utoronto.ca ivan.borozan at utoronto.ca
Fri Apr 2 17:28:40 CEST 2004

hi there,

I would like to estimate the effect on gene expression levels of two factors Age
and activity (each with 4 levels) using Limma.

for my design matrix i have

dataB<-data.frame(samples = arrays,Age=factor(FFAge),activity = factor(FFfibrosis))

design<-model.matrix(~activity*Age, data=dataB)

(samples contain the names of my arrays)

fit <- lm.series(MANormBetween$M,design)


I would like to know to which effect the quoted P.values in toptable()
correspond to ? 
Also i would like to know how to extract the P.value for the activity:Age effect.

all the best.

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