[BioC] phenoData

Simon Kidd kidd at mail.rockefeller.edu
Fri Apr 9 18:49:11 CEST 2004

At 2.36pm -0400 8/4/04, James MacDonald wrote:
>If you look in the Biobase vignette, there is a section that explains
>how to make a phenoData object by hand. Basically what you need is a
>data.frame containing the phenodata information, and a list
>corresponding to the labels you want for the phenoData object.
>Alternatively, you can use widgets to make the phenoData object as part
>of reading in your cel files.
>dat <- ReadAffy(widget=TRUE)

Thanks. On my system the widget has no scroll bars which means when 
entering the covariance that I cannot enter all 44 CEL files. Is the 
lack of scroll bars a feature or a problem with my setup?  Iam using 
R1.9 beta and OSX10.3.



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