[BioC] SAM and siggenes packages

perin perin at cirad.fr
Mon Apr 26 19:07:16 CEST 2004


I'am new on this mailing list and I probably have a 'stupid' question.
I'am doing SAM analysis for the one-class case on a 6 replicates per 
8448 gene matrix.
I get each time this message

SAM Analysis for the one-class case.
Warning: There are 353 genes which have variance Zero or no non-missing 
         The d-value of these genes is set to NA.
Error in var(v) : missing observations in cov/cor

Any idea ?

Here the code:


where salt.cl<-c(rep(1,6))
and salt_stress a matrix (6 col per 8448 row)



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