[BioC] Re: problem with hexbin

Yanqin Yang yanqin_yang at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 1 18:29:28 CET 2004

Hi Agens,
Thanks for your kindly help! I downloaded the hexbin version 1.0.10 at the website you provided. I got the following error messages.
> maQualityPlots(mraw)
Loading required package: hexbin 
NOTA BENE: This is is an outdated version of the 'hexbin' package.
 It is known to have bugs ``by design''.
 *Strongly* consider using the new 'hexbin' version instead!!
Error in devga(paste("png:", filename, sep = ""), width, height, pointsize,  : 
        unable to start device devga
In addition: Warning message: 
Unable to open file `diagPlot.C:PROGRA~1/R/rw2000/library/marray/swirldata/swirl.1.png' for writing 
Thanks for your help!


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