[BioC] LGPL C++ source code available from Affy for reading their file f ormats

Wittner, Ben Wittner.Ben at mgh.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 13 14:04:12 CET 2004

I think Bioconductor packages have not been able to read the newer Affy file
formats (for good reasons explained in a post by Rafael I.). But I just got an
e-mail from Affy saying that they are making a library available under LGPL (see
below). So, just in case anyone who should know does not already know...

File Parsers SDK - OPEN SOURCE 
  We are pleased to announce the release of C++ source code for the parsing of
Affymetrix CEL, CHP, CDF, BAR and BPMAP files. This souce code is being provided
under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).  

Click here to download the SDK

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