[BioC] ll.htmlpage question

Wolfgang Huber huber at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Dec 22 02:58:15 CET 2004

Hi Fátima

> I have recently updated tp BioConductor 1.5 and upon trying to use the
> function "ll.htmlpage" from the package "annotate" I seem to encounter
> the following problem:
>>ll.htmlpage(xxxLI, filename = "xxx.html", 
> +             title = "xxx", othernames = data.frame(xxxRes,
> +                                              pvalue=xxxP,FC), 
> +             table.head = c("Locus ID", "Gene Symbol", "Pvalue","FC"),
> table.center = TRUE)
> Error: couldn't find function "ll.htmlpage"
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This function used to work fine in the previous versions of BioC as far
> as I can tell. Has it been deprecated? Abolished? Am I doing something
> terribly wrong - most likely possibility :-)-?

It seems that somebody has renamed this function (rightly so, in my 
opinion, since the previous name didn't make too much sense). Try

 > help.search("htmlpage")

                 Classes to represent HTML pages
                 Functions to build HTML pages

and there are also some related (and probably mildly duplicative) functions:

                 Write a data frame into an html
                 table within a html page
                 Display gene list as a HTML

Best regards

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