[BioC] Beginner help

Toni-Ann Mistretta toniannm at bcm.tmc.edu
Thu Dec 30 16:28:13 CET 2004


I am new to "R" and bioinformatics in general.   I am running


   I have been reading and trying to work through some of the demos and 
tutorials available for R and Bioconductor.  I seem to be spending more 
time working around commands that are no longer recognized in newer version 
of R.   Are there ways around this?  Newer tutorial materials?  The Lab 
materials would be particular helpful (e.g. End2EndLab)  but many of the 
associated files and commands do not work with newer versions of R.  Are 
there updated files somewhere?

Thanks for any help or advice.


Toni-Ann Mistretta, Ph.D.
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas 77030

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