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Toni-Ann Mistretta toniannm at bcm.tmc.edu
Thu Dec 30 17:10:41 CET 2004

At 09:33 AM 12/30/2004, you wrote:
> >    I have been reading and trying to work through some of the demos and
> > tutorials available for R and Bioconductor.  I seem to be spending more
> > time working around commands that are no longer recognized in newer 
> version
> > of R.   Are there ways around this?  Newer tutorial materials?  The Lab
> > materials would be particular helpful (e.g. End2EndLab)  but many of the
> > associated files and commands do not work with newer versions of R.  Are
> > there updated files somewhere?
>Can you give specific examples of what is not working?  It is hard to give
>you advice w/o knowing exactly what you're talking about.

I start End2End Lab but when I get to  library(bioclabs) I get this message

Error in library(bioclabs) : There is no package called 'bioclabs'

I tried to find bioclabs but have not had any success.  Seems I am spending 
more time trying to make something work then actually learning 
Bioconductor.  Of course in this process I am learning a lot about 
Bioconductor, but not what I really need to know.

What I really need is a R/Bioconductor for dummies book  that has exercises 
I can work through :)



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